Public Relations / Earned Media

Earned Media is Still King

We combine creative and persuasive story angles, captivating images, and the right media contacts to build authentic brand results. From major business and entertainment outlets to local editors in markets across the country, our relationships result in notable print, online and broadcast stories.

Third party validation is key! Your brands story is being created and presented by Wynn & Jade PR, but told by a trusted third party: the media. News coverage is seen as a very trustworthy source precisely because the message cannot be controlled. If we say something about ourselves, it is typically taken with a grain of salt, but if someone else says it about us it’s seen as much more credible due to the vetting process and standards of the media outlet. The efforts to secure earned media makes it all the more valuable.

Let’s just say we truly believe in the power of word-of-mouth created from media coverage.

  • Proactive media outreach

  • Print, online and radio interviews

  • In-studio, on-location and virtual TV segments